Cameron Highlands activities

The Cameron Highlands are the perfect place to shake of the malaise of the big city and enjoy some fresh air and invigorating exercise. But if tramping across rolling hills and valleys does not appeal greatly there are many different activities in the Cameron Highlands to try your hand at. There are opportunities to do some volunteer work, visit historical monuments, learn about indigenous peoples and even enjoy a round of golf. For more on attractions.

Hiking in the Cameron Highlands

There are different options for walkers ranging from jungle treks around Tanah Rata which feature mountains and waterfalls or more sedate offerings where you would be hard pushed to break a sweat. There are Cameron Highlands hill walks for all ages and abilities and any hotel or guesthouse will be able to point you in the right direction and provide maps.

All treks offer spectacular views of the highlands and it can be fun to combine them with some fun attractions such as visiting bee or strawberry farms for a quick energy fix. Many restaurants and hostels will prepare packed lunches for avid hikers or it’s pretty easy to find stuff en route.

Most jungle treks in the Cameron Highlands are relatively safe with the only real danger being getting lost through badly-marked trails. Some can get pretty slippy during the rainy season so it pays to be extra careful, bring a charged mobile phone and wear appropriate footwear.

Always chose a trail which you will be able to complete easily before it gets dark, and leave a good hour extra for unexpected eventualities. Let your hotel know where you’re planning to go and a rough time of arrival, and try to keep to this plan. Take energy-boosting snacks such as fruit and plenty of water. The weather can turn suddenly so prepare for the worst and pack a raincoat even if the forecast is clear.

Camping in the Highlands

Camping is a natural extension of hillwalking and allows visitors to cover more ground away from the populated areas. Although arduous due to the extra necessary equipment to carry, there are routes and camping spots suitable for all ages. 

Sg Pauh Campsite is found near the Forestry Department (Taman Sedia, five minutes drive from Brinchang or Tanah Rata), tel: +60 5 491 1384) and features basic amenities like running water and flushing toilets.

Golf in the Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands’ sole golf course is located between Tanah Rata and Brinchang and features 18 challenging holes. Cameron Highlands Golf Course is well regarded and is set amongst breathtaking scenery. Tuition, caddies and equipment rental can also be arranged on site. website: