Pangkor activities and watersports

Fishing boats in the bay
Most visitors to Pulau Pangkor are content merely to lounge on the beach and perhaps indulge in a spot of snorkelling to cool off whilst gazing at pretty coral and brightly coloured marine life. You may not want to strain yourself too much whilst on the island, and a frenetic pace of life is certainly alien to most locals here. But if you want to stretch your legs and see some of the traditional life of the island then below is our guide to activities and sports on Pangkor.

The best way to explore Pangkor is by renting some form of two-wheeled transport. Both motorbikes and the peddle variety can be found all over the island, especially close to the tourist haunts and cost from RM35 for the day (with a little haggling). Stop off in Pangkor Town for some shopping, visit some temples, tombs and the Dutch fort or get lost in the dense jungle.

Snorkelling on Pulau Pangkor

Pulau Pangkor is blessed with some lovely reefs for snorkelling which are teeming with diverse marine life such as clown fish, small rays and even baby sharks.

Coral Beach at Coral Bay is the most popular spot and you can even swim out to Coral Island in around ten minutes. Teluk Nipah tour operators can provide you with all the equipment you need, including advice about where to head to depending on the season.

Watch out for jellyfish around February time, although they rarely leave a mark or do more than give a light sting. You can rent a boat for around RM50 (depending on your haggling skills), which take visitors to stunning Emerald Bay and Monkey Bay; the latter of which features a large population of mischievous primates.

Fishing on Pulau Pangkor

Fishing rather than tourism remains the major industry of Pulau Pangkor and if you want to try your hand at catching some supper there are more than enough experienced locals to take you out. You can then deposit your catch with any of the local restaurants to prepare for dinner. Ask at your guesthouse for a recommendation, and expect to pay around RM80 for the day.

Canoeing around Pulau Pangkor

Canoeing or sea kayaking around the island is a great way to exploit the calm waters off the coast. You can rent equipment in Teluk Nipah and cruise round many unspoilt small bays to Pasir Bogak and then through to Teluk Kepatang. Or paddle over to Coral Island from Coral Bay and spend the afternoon lounging on the pristine shores. Alternatively head over to Pulau Mentangor or Pulau Pelandok for a slice of pure paradise.

Golf on Pulau Pangkor

Those wanting to indulge in a round during there stay in Pangkor can hit a few balls at Pangkor Island Beach Resort (Pantai Puteri Dewi, near airport) mini golf course which has three separate holes each with three different tea-off spots. Nearby the mainland port of Lumut there are two full-scale golf courses at the Damai-Laut Golf & Country Club (website: and Royal Teluk Rubiah Country Club

Birdwatching on Pulau Pangkor

The island is home to some fascinating wildlife with good opportunities to see rare hornbills. Every evening from around 17:30–18:00 at the Sea View Resort, Pasir Bogak, visitors can see people feeding these birds which are remarkably tame. They normally nest in the large trees which line the beach. (website:

Pangkor spas

A number of the large resorts on Pangkor have spa facilities when all that lying on the beach gives you a stiff neck. The Spa Village, at exclusive Pangkor Laut, comes highly recommended with massage villas and therapy pools dotted around the private island complex. There is a wealth of different treatments to try including all the usual rubs, masks and facials plus exceptional massages as well. Call the resort to arrange transportation.