Pangkor restaurants and nightlife

Indian food
Pangkor is blessed with some truly first-rate restaurants in the large resorts, as well as more humble local offerings by the beachfront. In addition, there also are plenty of hawkers serving up inexpensive satay and rice dishes to sunseeking tourists.

As you might expect, seafood features heavily on most menus on Pulau Pangkor, with some great crab, shrimp, fish and squid dishes all prepared with plenty of garlic and chilli.

Pangkor restaurants in Teluk Nipah

Warung Manshor: Great place for breakfast and lunch with a range of traditional Malay rice and soup dishes for under RM10.

O La La Chalet: The seafood barbecues here are understandably popular and represent great value for hungry visitors. The setting is extremely peaceful with friendly service.

Daddy’s Café: Attention to detail is the byword here with candle-lit tables right on the sand and first class service. All this comes at a price (RM16 for a main), but the little extra is well worth the peerless ambience and lovely food.

Pulau Pangkor restaurants in Pasir Bogak

Yee Lin Restaurant: Situated beside the Coral Bay Resort, this Chinese restaurant in Pangkor is only open for dinner but always packed full to capacity. Seafood is the speciality and served up with aplomb.

Pulau Pangkor pubs and bars

There is really not much going on after hours in Pangkor, and anyone expecting a Koh Pha Ngan-esque full moon party is likely to be crushingly disappointed. Teluk Nipah has a few places that will serve drinks later on, but you’ll hardly be dancing on the tables. Alternatively head to Coral Bay where some establishments can sometimes stay open a little longer when there’s a crowd willing to keep spending cash.