Taman Negara restaurants

Restaurants in Taman Negara are not going to win any international plaudits and are really only there as refuelling stops between treks. The large scale resorts will put on a luxurious spread of international staples, but in the town of Kuala Tahan itself do not expect any starched tablecloths or silverware. Rustic is taken to a new level in the park so be prepared to eat what is available rather than have a dazzling array of choice.

A few of the chalets and guesthouses will cook up some simple food for guests and even prepare picnic lunches if you plan to spend the day exploring the forest. Snacks and bottled water can also be purchased from convenience stores in Kuala Tahan and are a very good idea if you plan to be away for a while.

Dedari Restaurant: Although slightly more expensive than the floating restaurants, the food here is considerably better with a larger choice of Malaysian and Western dishes. There are reasonable value breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. website: www.rainforest-tamannegara.com.

Chess Corner: Small riverside stall serves the best fruit shakes in the town and also does some tasty Thai food as well. A favourite spot for getting together and discussing the day’s adventure. Near the Tembeling River view Guesthouse is a nice bar style cafe.

Family Restaurant: This is the best of the three floating restaurants by Kuala Tahan riverside (the others being Wan Cafe, and LBK).

The food is cheap and satisfying without being tremendously appetising with local delicacies such as toast with kaya jam (an odd but tasty combination of coconut and egg), fried rice, soups and sandwiches.