Transportation in Taman Negara

Getting to Taman Negara is fairly simple although normally involves waiting around and a few changes. Many of the large resorts will pick you up at the jetty if you make a prior booking with them.

Otherwise the town of Jerantut is the major transport hub of the region and buses can be found here to all major destinations including private tourist services to the Perhentian Islands.

Boats to Taman Negara

The most popular way of getting to Taman Negara is to take a scenic 2-3 hours boat ride (daily 09:00 and 14:00, RM35) to Kuala Tahan from Tembling Jetty.

Boats leaving Kuala Tahan depart at the same times. Remember to purchase a RM1 entrance ticket and RM5 camera licence from the jetty before setting off.

To reach Tembling Jetty take a 1 hour, 45-minute bus ride (05:30, 10:00, 13:00, 17:00, RM7) or RM16taxi from the town of Jerantut, or walk for half-an-hour from nearby Kuala Tembeling.

There’s no accommodation in the latter so bed down for the night in Jerantut if you’ve missed the last boat of the day. Remember to set off early in the morning for the first departure to Kuala Tahan at 09:00.

Buses to Taman Negara

If heading to Taman Negara from Kuala Lumpur, the easiest way is to take a bus from Pekeling Bus Terminal to Jerantut (four hours, RM19) and then a taxi. There are also direct bus connections to Jerantut from Butterworth, as well as from Langkawi and the Cameron Highlands.

From Kuantan there are three services daily (10:30, 12:00, 17:30, RM10) which go directly to Jerantut. Up-to-date schedule information on bus departures can be found at the floating restaurants in Kuala Tahan.

Trains to Taman Negara

Both the towns of Kuala Tembeling and Jerantut lie on the famed Jungle Railway if you are approaching Taman Negara from the Malaysian east coast.

The service departs from Wakaf Bharu which lies seven kilometres from Kota Bharu. The main service leaves at 07:18 but doesn’t arrive into Jerantut until 13:38, so you need to spend a night there before taking the morning boat into the park proper.