Weather in Malaysia

The weather in Malaysia is influenced by the country’s position just above the equator. Malaysia generally has a wet, humid maritime climate and experiences two annual monsoons depending on which part of the nation you are visiting.

The east coast of Peninsula Malaysia, the northeastern part of Sabah and the western part of Sarawak are extremely wet from November to February.

But the Malay west coast is generally dry except from August to October with a few sporadic thunderstorms at other times.

If you are unwilling to risk any inclement weather during your break and want the buzzing atmosphere of high season then May to September is the best time to go.

However, if you don’t mind braving a few showers for the chance of empty beaches then March to April or October to November are your best bet.

On average the temperature in Malaysia stays fairly constantly around 30°C during the day and around 20°C at night. Of course, heavy rain, altitude or trade winds by the coast can add some dramatic differences to this.

Malaysia weather in Peninsular Malaysia

The weather in the capital Kuala Lumpur remains above 30°C all year round, meaning that there is no good or bad season to pay a visit to the city. Thunderstorms and sudden downpours can break out at any time so it is always wise to carry an umbrella with you. The wettest period in KL is from October until March but even then the skies do not stay overcast for long. From May until July it becomes much drier although it is still extremely humid.

Hilly areas such as the Cameron Highlands are much milder but with higher humidity. Year-round, the temperature here does not breach 25°C but humidity, in the morning especially, is usually touching 100 per cent. The cooler climate means discomfort is much less oppressive than elsewhere, however. Remember to wrap up warm and to pack waterproof clothing if you plan to trek or take part in other outdoor activity.

The western coast such as Penang has a maritime climate with an annual monsoon during August to October. But visitors are still all but guaranteed a few hours of beach sunshine every day as even during this time there is rarely torrential rain. Plus accommodation is much cheaper and the lack of crowds makes it much easier to grab a lounger. Temperatures remain around the 30°C mark but strong sea winds can make it feel a lot chillier.